8mm Textalu Heat Protection Sleeve


Sold and priced per 1cm (10mm).

Temperature Range: -40°C to +220°C

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Sold and priced per 1cm (10mm).

An insulated fibreglass sleeving with a silicone coating designed to protect components in high temperature areas where the heavier fireproof sleeving is not required.  Textalu provides superior insulation to components that must maintain stable temperatures to provide performance efficiency .

Temperature Range: -40°C to +220°C

Textalu-8mm Suits RLHOSE03 & RLHOSE04
Textalu-15mm Suits RL200HOSE-6 & RL200HOSE-8
Textalu-22mm Suits RL200HOSE-10 & RL200HOSE-12



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