Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 4-9 Wasted Spark High Power GTR Coil On Plug Ignition Kit


Key points of our kit:

  • Raychem Spec 44 Wire 18AWG (Mil-Spec)
  • Compatible with OEM Nissan R35 coil heads
  • Fits Under OEM Cover
  • 1 year replacement warranty on coils & loom
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Fits Lancer Evo models 4-9.

Reliably tested to over 2bar (29psi) boost.

The benefits of using a coil on plug kit can be found not only in high hp applications but you will find that the engine will start cleaner, run smoother and idle far better than before.

  • Better cold/warm start
  • Handles over 800whp
  • Modern, reliable & warrantied coils
  • Improve drivability
  • Smoother idle
  • Run more boost
  • 1 coil per spark plug instead of 2 coils for all plugs
  • More energy efficient spark
  • Increase spark plug life
  • Carbon Fibre mounting plate – matt finish
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Tested before shipping

Key points of our kit:

  • OEM style connectors
  • 18AWG Raychem Spec44 Wire
  • 1 year replacement warranty on coils & loom
  • Fits under standard coil cover
  • Must be used where ignition dwell times can be altered
  • Motorsport grade cable
  • Crimped, closed barrel splices – NO SOLDER – True motorsport splices!

It has no external ignition amplifier so it allows a cleaner and neater installation while still providing the spark needed by the modern day, high demand, high output Evo user.

Using custom made coils, this setup will install very easily with minimal effort. It comes with the coils pre-fitted to the carbon plate so all you need to do is bolt it to the rocker cover via the supplied 2xM6 bolts.

Reliably tested to 2.4bar (35psi) boost on alternative fuels.

If you are looking at this kit you already know what it’s for and why you need it. Other kits available on the market are more expensive, require modifications to the coil, coil spring or other. This is the simplest, most cost efficient, direct fit, wasted spark kit on the market.

Due to the modular nature of these coils you can easily fit OEM Nissan coil heads to our coil tubes should you wish to do so.




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