Track Formula 8-Channel Kit with AMPSEAL Connector


Available in 4 & 8 Channels

Endlessly configurable via USB & Track Formula’s software

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Simple to install, the receiver connects to your existing circuits and is ideally located in an unobtrusive place under your dashboard.  The Transmitter is mounted to the rear of your steering wheel button plate and wired to your switches and paddles.

A revolution in wireless steering wheel controls, for kit cars and race cars.

Features of the 8-channel system and USB configuration software

  • Control up to 8 channels with endless re-configuration possibilities, using the included USB programming software.
  • Includes internal relays rated to 15A at 12V and can be used for high- or low-side switching of loads.
  • Choose any combination of smart headlight, smart indicator and IVA fog light modes or momentary and latching behavior for each channel.
  • The Receiver measures 121 x 66 x 40mm and weighs 385g and that includes our matching, custom loom and gold pin connector.
  • At a tiny 54 x 38 x 23mm, the Transmitter weighs just 61g including the battery!
  • What’s in the box?  Receiver with AMPSEAL connector with 23 gold pins, matching loom, pig-tailed Transmitter, battery, USB cable, mounting pad and installation instructions.
  • Also available – matching 8-channel button plate, pushbuttons, nut covers and our unique decals!

Track Formula’s Wireless Button/Paddle System is fully programmable via USB and our free software that is supplied with the system. Used most commonly by our customers with detachable steering wheels in order to retain their button and paddle shift control.

This is the DIY system which includes the transmitter, receiver, instructions, hardware and the battery for the transmitter. You will need to wire yourself. Buttons and paddles are additional as is any mounting solution for the buttons and/or paddles.

This system has many uses in other applications such as off-road and motor-home applications allowing easy and convenient installation of other products needing activated remotely without the need for unnecessary wires being run from the switch to the output.

Other Features:

• Allows full button & paddle control with a detachable steering wheel
• Can handle two simultaneous button presses
• Uniquely lets you have your own choice of buttons and paddles in the form of dash mount or steering wheel mount. No more being tied to a manufacturer’s styling choices and no more curly cords!
• Offers auto-cancelling indicator and headlamp latch-and-flash control. Can include integrated indicator stop and headlight beam functionality
• Internal relays are rated to 15A at 12V and can be used for high or low-side switching of loads
• Unique 5 digit transmit ID so no confusion between other kits nearby
• Tri-colour LED; Green=Transmit OK, Orange=Transmit Fail & Red=Low Battery
• The transmitter uses a CR2 lithium battery which has an expected lifetime of 100,000 miles or several years
• Transmitter works well down to 2.8V and reliably ‘sleeping’ at 0.9uA
• The cases are flame retardant ABS plastic
• Transmit time of no more than 6 milliseconds
• 19 milliseconds from button press to relay closing (tested at 1MBps data rate)

• Not to be used with illuminating switches

• Various built-in safety features should it be installed incorrectly


Download Instructions here – CLICK ME

Download Optional Wheel Plate C62 Diagram here – CLICK ME

Download Optional Wheel Plate B Diagram here – CLICK ME

Download AMPSEAL Connector Pinout here – CLICK ME


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