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The first car to pit communication system using mobile phones.

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Stilo VerbaCom Car to Pit Clubman Kit

The first car to pit communication system using mobile phones.

The Stilo VerbaCom system offers circuit racers a very simple and lightweight communication solution that is very easy to use, with no need for radio licensing; perfect for tracks like Spa and Le Mans where full radio communication can be difficult. This system is a duplex communication and each connection can talk over the other if required.

The Stilo VerbaCom system has now been updated and will now work with any Bluetooth compatible mobile phone (simple pairing operation required). Phones are not supplied with the kits and the cost of the VerbaCom units has now been reduced to reflect this.

The basic CQ0008 system consists of the following:

  • 1 x Pit Crew Headset with a push-to-talk facility and Stilo’s exceptional noise cancelling microphone
  • 1 x In car voice activated driver connection Bluetooth module and cables that connect to the drivers helmet (Stilo connections)
  • All chargers and connection cables



How does VerbaCom work?

Before the race session starts, the master unit (pit headset phone) calls the car, the car automatically answers and the pit to car connection is in place via a normal telephone call. Each user is connected via a Bluetooth connection to both the pit crew headset and the driver’s helmet connection module. The telephone call stays active for the duration of the race.

The drivers unit is a small and lightweight device that can be fitted onto the helmet if required, but it is best positioned in a suitable spot inside the car to allow the driver to visibly see that the call is connected. This unit weighs just 150 grams and connects directly into the Stilo helmet comm port (1 meter extension cable supplied). The driver side is a voice activated system and the driver simply talks to open the line to the pit crew so no need to press buttons on the steering wheel.

The pit crew wears the headset with its Bluetooth module built in, when the pit crew wants to talk to the driver, the PTT button needs to be depressed to open the microphone to talk back to the driver. The driver will only hear the pit crew when the push to talk button is depressed.

Should your helmets have no electronics, Stilo helmet electronics can be purchased as an extra. There are various options available, but the WRC electronics are required.

Unlike radio based systems, the VerbaCom can offer a vast coverage all around a race circuit and does not require fancy signal boosters or tall radio masts to get coverage. It is fully automated and once a call is set up it will automatically re-connect should a call be lost, with no need for action from the driver or pit crew.

The in car kit weighs only 150 grams in total and is dramatically simplified over a normal radio system.

The VerbaCom system is available in three options:

CQ0008 – 1 x Pit Headset & 1 x Car Kit

CQ0009 – 2 x Pit Headset & 1 x Car Kit (This option allows the master headset to communicate directly with the car, and separately communicate with the second pit headset. The second headset cannot communicate with the car, only back to the master headset)

CQ0010 – 1 x Pit Headset & 2 x Car Kit (This option allows separate communication between two race cars from the one headset)

Please note that all parts of the VerbaCom system come with European 2 pin plugs. To charge the items in the UK a 2 to 3 pin adaptor will be required. Our multi plug adaptor is available for purchase as an extra.


  • Licenses: there is no need for a license as it uses mobile telephone Sim cards.
  • Full Duplex: while also totally private and secure, the both phones allow each of the crew to talk at the same time.
  • Coverage: unlike temperamental radio systems, the Verbacom allows communication on any length of circuit as it uses mobile phone signals.
  • Clarity: using digital noise cancelling the communications give excellent voice clarity, which has been tested in F3 to F1 cars, and GT to Le Mans vehicles.
  • Easy to Use: this unit has been designed around professional motorsport, and is extremely easy to use and setup. Simple and very very effective.
  • In Car: the driver does no more than plug in and drive.
    Thanks to the digital noise cancellation that cancels all background noises, there’s no need to use a PTT button and the driver can speak anytime.
  • Lightweight and Compact: the Verbacom is very lightweight in comparison to normal radio systems giving performance all round.

Verbacom Club is totally transportable for use in any vehicle or kart. The main Bluetooth unit (1) is self-powered and connects to a mobile phone (4) (Sim card not supplied) which is mounted in the car. This unit has volume controls and a visible system status light for the driver, and also an on/off switch. This weighting just 66 gr and measuring 74 x 47 x 15 mm it is extremely small and light. Helmet wiring (3) with an extension cable connects into the driver’s helmet (AE0300 and AE0315 are required should your helmet have no wiring).


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